Ongage: the future of email deliverability

One email campaign system - unlimited mailservers

From satisfied user to official Ongage partner

As a professional high volume email company, at Basegrow we obviously run into deliverabilty challenges from time to time. The ESP’s we were using in the past had a restrictive vendor lock-in when these challenges arose, since they sell their campaign system and mailserver as one. The deliverability challenges and the vendor lock-in were both major issues for us and we started looking for alternatives. We found our solution in Ongage!

Why this email solution is unique

 One email platform connected to multiple mailservers

 Maximize your ROI with Micro-Deliverability

 Connect to every mailserver provider you want

 Route emails seamlessly through multiple mailserver providers

 Better inbox placement due to unique domain routing feature

 No more vendor lock-in, highly scalable and cost-effective

InboxRoad and other mailservers

The reason we love Ongage so much is because it is unique and highly innovative. Instead of having to use multiple ESP’s, with Ongage you are able to take advantage of multiple mailservers with just one campaign platform. Due to its ability to route mails through multiple mailservers, such as Amazon SES, SendGrid and InboxRoad (powered by Basegrow), you can optimize deliverability to its fullest potential.

Connectivity to over 40 email delivery vendors


Domain Routing

The Ongage platform allows email marketers to seamlessly route emails through multiple mailservers. It offers the ability to easily select the best performing mailserver for each recipient domain (Aol, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc.), campaign or segment. For example, if you see that yourdeliverability for Gmail is better on SMTP A, you can direct all Gmail traffic through that mailserver.

Ongage provides detailed micro-deliverability data which allows email marketers to quickly and easily segment their list(s) and send this through multiple mailservers – all from one user-friendly interface. It also aggregates performance data from the different mailservers used, making it easy to optimize the overall success of each campaign.

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domain routing

Unique & Advanced