Unique pricing based on your life-time volume

InboxRoad: The highway to the inbox

Basegrow is also an email delivery provider. We offer our technical deliverability knowledge and mailservers under the name InboxRoad. You can easily connect InboxRoad to Ongage, if needed we will certainly assist you. With several PowerMTA servers, emails are not only delivered in milliseconds, but also in a responsible way to maximize email delivery. Our dedicated team monitors all outbound mail and gets a kick out of delivering emails in the best possible way. Great deliverability is like a sport to us!

Premium deliverability, best price imaginable

We have a unique pricing model. No monthly recurring bills, no expiring credits. But a lower CPM based on the life-time volume you send with InboxRoad.Using InboxRoad means growing your life-time volume, which results in a constantly dropping CPM and exponentially growing savings.

How does that work?

It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s simple!

  • For the first million emails you send with InboxRoad you only pay a CPM of € 0,35
  • For the second million emails the CPM drops to € 0,34
  • For the third million emails the CPM drops to € 0,33
  • And so on.. until you reach a CPM of € 0,10(see complete pricing below)

It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s convenient!No hassle, InboxRoad keeps score of your total life-time volume and automatically charges you the lower CPM for the next million emails the moment you need them. Depending on your volume, this could be in a week, two weeks or even a few months.

InboxRoad pricing versus competitors

At InboxRoad your CPM drops based on your total life-time volume. The pricing structures of our competitors are based on monthly use or a certain volume and they let you pay the same fixed CPM each time accordingly.

InboxRoad Pricing Diagram

Loyal customers should be rewarded

Inboxroad CPM

Why we offer the lowest CPM in the business

The InboxRoad team is dedicated to get you the highest possible deliverability. Achieving a good IP reputation and great deliverability requires time and dedication to obtain and maintain. Unfortunately there is no short term fix. That’s why at InboxRoad we strongly believe in collaboration, and providing a solution, that delivers your emails into the inbox, for the long run! To reward our loyal customers, we offer you our unique pricing model and service that perfectly fit your needs.

InboxRoad Competitors
CPM drops based on life-time volume Y N
Personal support Y Y/N
Exceeding CPM N Y
Credits expire N Y/N
Volume commitment N Y/N

"InboxRoad helps us get the delivery we need for our highly critical emails"

− Michaël Krens - Chief Technology Officer at SignRequest

"Ongage users benefit from InboxRoad by optimizing deliverability and maximizing overall email succes"

− Danny Tal - VP Sales & Business Development at Ongage

"We use InboxRoad for our daily deals website and are continued to be amazed at our delivery rates"

− Folkert Botma - Chief Executive Officer at 6Deals