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Ongage is one of the most advanced front ends in the market today. Offering a robust feature set for campaign management, including domain routing, mail design, list management, segmentation and behavioral targeting, autoreponders, A/B testing and more. Ongage provides you with the tools you need to effectively manage and fully-control your email marketing operation, and to make decisions that improve your inbox placement and customer engagement.

domain routing

Domain Routing

The Ongage platform allows email marketers to seamlessly route emails through multiple mailservers. It offers the ability to easily select the best performing mailserver for each recipient domain (Aol, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc.), campaign or segment. For example, if you see that yourdeliverability for Gmail is better on SMTP A, you can direct all Gmail traffic through that mailserver.

Ongage provides detailed micro-deliverability data which allows email marketers to quickly and easily segment their list(s) and send this through multiple mailservers – all from one user-friendly interface. It also aggregates performance data from the different mailservers used, making it easy to optimize the overall success of each campaign.

As a heavy user of Ongage (now also official partner) we send out millions of emails every day. Knowing all the ins and outs, we can help you to get the most out of the system. The unique domain routing feature will change the playing field for you compared to your current ESP. Basegrow will assist you with your domain strategy and as a result optimize deliverability.

Connect with multiple mailservers

Quick and easy connectivity to all leading email delivery providers. Start working within minutes! Connect to Dyn, SendGrid, InboxRoad and more.

Basegrow is also an email delivery provider. We offer our technical deliverability knowledge and mailservers under the name InboxRoad. You can easily connect InboxRoad to Ongage, if needed we will certainly assist you. You can find more information about InboxRoad here.

Besides using InboxRoad (optional, but recommended) you will want to connect to multiple mailservers to get the most out of Ongage. Our experience with other email delivery providers enables us to give advice about choosing the best options for you.

ongage plug and play

In-Depth Analytics

A multi-view and in-depth analytics engine that provides high-resolution performance and delivery analysis. Ongage provides a variety of analytic views. You can analyze data by campaign, by individual member activity, by mailserver, by recipient ISP domain, and more.

Because Ongage is built differently from traditional ESP’s, you get a whole lot more insights. As email fanatics we love it!

Segment Manager

Get better results from your email campaigns when you segment your recipient list. Studies show that response rates rise by up to 355% with emails that are relevant and timely. Create segments based on your subscribers’ needs so that you can send your subscribers content that is truly of interest. Segmentations can be based on profile info, geolocation, website activity, purchase history, and more.

At Basegrow, besides segmenting on list level, we also use the Segment Manager to adjust frequency based on individual engagement. This way we improve our IP and domain reputation and therefor optimize deliverability.

ongage testing

A/B/C/D/E Testing

Ongage offers the ability to test up to 5 versions of the variables you are testing. Optimize campaigns to better target your audience though testing subject lines, send days and times, offers, calls-to-action, imagery, landing pages, and more. Through continuous testing you can try, learn and implement on a day-to-day basis.

As email fanatics we know that email marketing is all about testing, testing & testing. Ongage’s unique set of tools offers the necessary features to improve your opens and clicks.

Triggered Emails

Automatically become your subscribers’ favorite sender with relevant time-based or action-based messages. Generate automated messages to welcome new users, wish them a happy birthday, send a post-sale follow-up, inform them on new content that matches their purchase history, and more. Set up the triggers and let Ongage do the work.

ongage triggered email
ongage personal email

Personalized & Dynamic Content

Ongage offers email content personalization using dynamic fields such as demographics and areas of interest to help you create a personal and tailored experience for your users. Ongage also supports a variety of feeds, such as HTML, RSS and XML feeds, for populating emails with dynamic content directly from the web. You can create up-to-the-minute emails on today’s latest travel deals, jobs, news, and weather updates.

Email Designer

Create professional emails quickly and effectively without designers or programmers. Just drag and drop elements such as blocks, dividers, text and images to create your own email template masterpiece. Our user-friendly What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) email designer will enable you to create campaigns that match your branding, complement your messaging, and generate results.

email designer

Inbox Preview with Litmus Email Preview

By obtaining this additional feature, the Litmus Preview module ensures that emails are received exactly as you intended. In minutes, you can verify your campaigns as they appear on over 30 real email clients and devices, detect and fix any problems before you send. You can make sure your images display properly, check spacing, placement, and responsiveness, and even test your emails for color blindness (which affects 8% of males!).

You will love working with us

Ongage provides you the best set of tools to maximize your email activities. Combined with our hands-on experience and deliverability knowledge, you will bring your email marketing to the next level.

Try it yourself and fall in love with Ongage just like we did!

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